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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Group Leaders are Parents, Pastors & Professional Educators

Our Story

As parents, pastors and professional educators we are constantly faced with guiding youth with regard to living in the world but not of the world.  Whether youth are attending public or private schools, or home schooled, the challenges and pressures are ever increasing.

Peer pressure, and social media have compounded issues such as identity, acceptance, and self image.


A group of us have been discussing how to guide our youth in how to navigate through these challenges.   Together, along with the parents and guardians of youth participating in 3-Dimensional Faith sessions, we will formulate answers, provide tools and offer ongoing guidance.

What We Are About

There are so many new "cultures" introduced to our children with very persuasive discussions, it is critical that we teach them how to stand strong in faith, and survive the challenges without compromising their faith. I have lived in Santa Barbara since 1965, went to Hope School, La Colina, San Marcos, SBCC, UCSB and finally graduated with both business and education Master of Science Degrees from University of San Francisco.


I have 4 biological, 2 adopted children and 15 grandchildren ranging in ages 6 months to 22 years old. Our family is integrated and our colors are like the rainbow. My roots are Italian from both sides of my family. My grandparents on both sides immigrated from Italy at the turn of the Century 1900. 


I am a Social Entrepreneur. I create business, consult to business, and develop programs worldwide with a focus on education for victims and survivors of human rights violations and human trafficking. 

For the last several years I have been offering a Tutoring and Enrichment Program to local youth called, Santa Barbara Creative Education, sponsored by The D'Arezzo Center.    During these last years, I have been watching children grow academically and in creative and artistic talents. At the same time I have watched innocent young children become inundated with peer pressure and social media. Unfortunately I see changes in their spirits and focus from innocence and safety to deviant and dangerous. 

Working in the secular arena I can only offer core values and work towards guiding the children.  This year, I decided it is time to create a spiritually based Youth Guidance Program teaching youth about what I call 3-Dimensional Faith.  We will equip youth with understanding, perspective, and guidelines that will protect them from being persuaded to go against their conscience.  We will provide practical tools for youth to address differences with friends and peers in a way that does not create conflict but opens the door for open discussion in a safe environment. Ultimately we want to guide our youth in a way the empowers them to live peaceably, but uncompromisingly in an ever changing environment.

Meet The Team

My name is Tony Joseph D'Arezzo Natale. I love to love people and inspire young people to discover their inner creativity and strategically discover their individual gifts and share them in a way that meets their personal vision and dream. Once youth are fully equipped we can then guide them to look outside themselves and contribute to their local and global community through the expression of their individual gifts, skills and talents. I discovered my faith February 5, 1976 and have not waivered in my trust in God every since.  As a father, educator and business owner, I have seen the challenge of walking in and by faith in a world that is becoming more and more hostile and challenging. I have prayed and spoken with many parents, my pastor and colleagues about the need to create a safe forum to address key issues facing our youth today.  

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Joseph Natale

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