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presidential physical fitness program

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for k-12 physical fitness

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meet AA athletic development trainers


coach Avery artigo


Avery Artigo  is an all year, all the time, fundamental health and fitness skills development and training coach. The AA Fitness mission is to use the tried and true Presidential Physical Fitness, quality training system to provide a comprehensive program for athletes of all ages and skill levels. The focus will be individualized training to improve athletes’ fundamental skills, confidence and sportsmanship. Goals are to evaluate each participant and guide them gently into healthy activity and overall fitness including eating habits. Training will build upon a student's existing talents and allow the athlete to grow and see tangible results.

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Avery Artigo is a natural born athlete. From soccer, football, baseball, to varsity basketball, Avery's talents demonstrate that a focus on general health and fitness produce eclectic athleticism.  Avery is a Certified Lifeguard, and CPR Trained. He was recognized as a hero for quick response rescue at the Boys and Girls Club. Avery's love for youth is only surpassed by their love for him! Avery brings humor and fun into serious training that inspires even those who have been hesitant to join into serious health and fitness training. Avery "rings the bell" of success as he encourages each and every student athlete's accomplishments!

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